Home Renovations

Home renovations are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, with home owners looking to extend on their existing houses. It is common for young married couples to buy small first homes, getting their leg in the door (so to speak) as a home owner, with the plan to buy something bigger down the track. But with property prices so high in Sydney, Melbourne and even the other capital cities, young families are finding it very difficult to buy a large house, and move in to their dream family home.

Auction crowds are at an all time high, and sales of properties going well above the market reserve, toying with the heart strings of working Australians, who just can't afford the cost of these homes. It is because of this, that many of these people are now buying small properties,and looking to renovate. Home renovations are a booming industry, with lots of home owners deciding to clear out some of their backyard for an extension of a room or two, or perhaps a new pergola.


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Extensions and renovations are a lot more affordable than upgrading your current house, with a large number of reputable tradesmen such as carpenters and other builders offering discount services to gain your business. New bathrooms are one of the most popular renovations at the moment, with people deciding to have their bathroom gutted, and new bath, shower and other accessories brought in. A spa bath is a great addition to a bathroom, especially in the cold winter months that Sydney and Melbourne experience.

Window coverings are an important part of home renovations also. Getting the right type and style to suit your home goes a long way. Plantation shutters are a deluxe window covering for both modern or contemporary homes, and can give the house a more classy feel than many styles of curtains or blinds.
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So if you're wanting that dream home but feel you can't afford it, why not buy something more affordable, and get it renovated into the place you always wanted.


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The design of your home can also be crucial, if you're starting from scratch. Having an open minded, creative architect is important when designing your dream house, but also one who has their own great ideas and expertise.

While renovating, it can be important to store your household items in boxes. Utilising the services of a professional box and moving company is a smart investment, as you can purchase sturdy boxes in a variety of sizes to fit the various things you need to store and protect during the work. Boxemup is our preferred supplier: http://www.boxemup.com.au or their other moving box site with lots of helpful tips is http://www.packingboxesforsalebrisbane.com/


While renovating your home, an often overlooked aspect is the garden. Generally when you're making big changes to the structure of your house, there is always going to be an impact on the outdoors area. This is a good excuse to totally revamp your garden, using a landscape designer.

Pebbles, pots and pavings are very on-trend right now. As well as stylish outdoor furniture. If you're wanting to make your outdoor space look good, then you can't go wrong.

If your home is going to look amazing on the inside, it should look equally good on the outside. Garden designers will give your yard a new look, with their landscaping techniques sure to maximise space, light and other factors. Examples of landscaping include paving, decking, water features, patios, new lawns and even a feature wall. These will all help improve the value of your home and give you a serene and beautiful place outdoors to relax.


If you're looking to lay down grass in your backyard but want something low maintenance, why not consider artificial turf? With many styles to suit every taste, fake grass is long lasting and doesn't require constant watering and cutting.

Energy Efficiency

As well as making your home look and feel great, you should also ensure the house is energy efficient. Power bills are the largest ongoing costs for the upkeep of a home, so ensuring things are eco-friendly will go a long way in looking after the environment and saving you money.

Implementing solar panels on your roof is one of the smartest ways to reduce energy bills. Using the suns energy to power your home will cut costs dramatically, but it doesn't have to end there.

Solar powered air conditioning and hot water systems will also assist greatly in reducing consumption. And with government rebates available, you can reduce the upfront cost, making solar energy more appealing than ever.

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Hydronic heating is one of the most energy efficient ways to heat your home. They use water to transfer heat by circulating it through tubes located in the floor, or pipes along the walls. This warms the surfaces in the room, making hydronic heating a comfortable and economic option when doing a home renovation.

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Solar control films are also a great way of increasing energy efficiency, which is why residential window tinting is becoming more popular. It offers privacy and reduces fading of furniture, due to the reduction of light entering the home. Plus you can greatly reduce your power usage as less cooling is necessary due to the tinted windows.

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Security Fences

With any renovations, you should also consider the state of your fence. This is the first thing a person sees and needs to compliment the house. As well as its aesthetic appeal, fences are also important boundaries, providing both security to the property, and safety for any pets or children that live in the dwelling. A fencing specialist can advise you the best type of fence to install, in terms of both the look of your house and the type of protection you're after. There are numerous options depending on personal choice, monetary budget and design specifications. Some of the many choices include picket fencing, merbau fences and timber panels.

For added security you may want to look at a home system or security guards to monitor your premises. This can be especially valuable if your home renovation leaves your house more vulnerable due to empty windows and doors.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

If you're like many lucky Australians, you will have a swimming pool in your backyard. It is an Australian tradition to have a barbie on a hot Saturday afternoon in Summer, invite the friends over, and take a relaxing dip. But don't turn off your visitors by having a gross pool, with pond scum growing or bacteria building up in the sides. Regular pool maintenance is necessary to look after your cool watery cavern, so make sure you have a working pool pump, and regularly put in chemicals to ensure the water stays healthy. A reputable pool maintenance company tell you the best things to do, but also provide high quality products to help you maintain your pool and also do onsite visits for any repairs and installations you might need. If you need a swimming pool removed, Reverse Pools is the place to go. They have filled in hundreds of swimming pools over the years throughout Melbourne, and can also landscape the area so you have a beautiful garden or entertaining area. in it's place.

To protect against leaks and ensure water from your pool or other areas doesn't damage your house, it should be safely waterproofed. The Australian Institute of Waterproofing has a range of contractors from all over Australia, fully qualified and experienced to take on your job.

Insurance To Protect Your Safety

When doing any kind of home maintenance, accidents can happen. To protect yourself and your family from any serious accidents, you should take out trauma insurance cover which will pay out a lump sum if you have a major injury.

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